Welcome to my web page.

     My name is Dr. Cheryl Bly-Chester and thirty-five years of experience working in key local industries has taught me how we can protect and preserve our local economy.

     For the last twenty years I have been a consultant to virtually all of the major industries of our region, including skiing and outdoor tourism, mining, energy, water, land use and agriculture, construction and transportation.  I know how to get these industries moving again.

     As a consultant to our local industries, I have seen firsthand the excessive costs imposed by taxes and burdensome regulations.  I have seen how the local industries on which our citizens’ jobs depend struggle to survive and grow, and I know that if we can just send more private sector know-how to Sacramento, we can turn this economy around.

     In fact, I got so frustrated at our state’s rampant over-regulation that I put my name on the ballot for governor in the 2003 recall election. Ok, maybe that was a tall order, but I wanted to stand for something.
     I had a chance to speak out and to listen to other Californians. I learned more about how our world really works during that election than if I had spent the time and money on an around the world cruise.

     Despite the ups and downs, owning my consulting business for the last 15 years has been incredibly rewarding.  The only thing more rewarding is raising my three children and seeing them blossom into confidant, self-reliant, bright young adults, which as a single mother also had its ups and downs. After 18 years of having children in the public school system, my youngest will soon graduate, which leaves me looking forward.

     So thank you again for visiting. We need a return to a common sense approach and integrity in government.  As the founder and owner of a 15 year old consulting business, I believe in low taxes, and as a single mother leading a household, I believe that government should spend within its means like the rest of us. Let’s combine those principles and get this economy moving again.

Dr. Cheryl Bly-Chester, P.E.

1000 Sunrise Blvd. Suite 9B-122
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 721-8339